EPS Automatic Intermittent Presetting Machine EPS-JF-1100/1600

main feature:

1. The machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, and realizes fully automatic production through negative pressure automatic feeding device, automatic electronic weighing, automatic temperature control and photoelectric material level switch.

2. The barrel adopts closed constant pressure foaming, which has high thermal efficiency, saves steam, and saves energy by more than 50% compared with the continuous pre-generator.

3. The temperature of the foaming barrel adopts a high-precision pilot-operated pressure reducing valve imported from Japan. The pressure at the outlet of the pressure reducing valve is always constant, and the temperature difference in the barrel of the pre-expansion machine is controlled within ±1%, so that the EPS beads are consistent and contain water. rate is low.

4. Using photoelectric material level control, the capacity of the foaming material is correctly grasped, so that the bead density of the foaming material is uniform, and the error is less than 0.1 g/liter.

5. The automatic feeding device and electronic weighing device of the machine are separated from the machine, which avoids the vibration generated during the working process of the machine from affecting the accuracy and accuracy of the measurement of the electronic weighing device.

6. The machine is equipped with a fluidized drying bed, which can automatically screen the material from the pre-expander, crush the material ball, and automatically transport the foamed material to the slag silo.

7. The computer has a memory function, which can record the grades, specifications, foaming process and parameters of the EPS machine raw material manufacturers used in the computer. When the next time you need to use the raw materials of the past manufacturers, you only need to press the touch screen of the computer to go back to the original process.

8. The electronic components, pneumatic components and valves used in this machine are all domestic and foreign products.

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