Auto Batch EPS Pre-expander Machine Styrofoam Polystyrene Foam Beads Making

Auto Batch EPS pre-expander machine applies PLC and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic and continuous production.

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Longwell

Processing Type: Foaming Machine

Voltage: 380V or 415V

Warranty: 1 Year

Color: Selectable


Technical Date

ITEM LWP-1100 LWP-1200 LWP-1500 LWP-1600
Expansion Chamber Diameter DN1100 DN1200 DN1500 DN1600
Volume 1.4m3 2m3 3.8m3 4.4m3
Usable Volume 1.0m3 1.5m3 3.2m3 3.8m3
Steam Entry DN50 DN50 DN50 DN50
Consumption 6-8kg/cycle 7-9kg/cycle 10-12kg/cycle 11-14kg/cycle
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Compressed Air Entry DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40
Consumption 0.5-0.6m3/cycle 0.5-0.6m3/cycle 0.5-0.6m3/cycle 0.5-0.6m3/cycle
Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Drainage Upper Drain Port DN100 DN125 DN125 DN125
Down Drain Port DN100 DN100 DN100 DN100
Material Conveying Pipe DN150 DN150 DN200 DN200
Capacity 10g/l  300kg/h 10g/l  350kg/h 4.5g/l  320kg/h 4.5g/l  360kg/h
15g/l   500kg/h 15g/l  550kg/h 9g/l   500kg/h 9g/l   560kg/h
20g/l   600kg/h 20g/l  650kg/h 15g/l   800kg/h 15g/l   900kg/h
30g/l   700kg/h 30g/l   750kg/h 30g/l   1300kg/h 30g/l   1400kg/h
Connected Load/Power 19.5KW 33KW 33KW 33KW
Expanded Density 10-40kg/m3 4.5-35kg/m3 4.5-35kg/m3 4.5-35kg/m3
Density Tolerance <±2% <±2.5% <±3% <±3%
Overall Dimension 5600*4000*4600(mm) 5800*4200*5000(mm) 8300*4400*5400(mm) 8500*4600*5500(mm)
Weight 3200kg 4000kg 5000kg 5500kg



eps pre expander

EPS Pre-expander Machine

Main advantage:

1. Fully automatic and continuous production.

2. Controlled by touch screen and PLC, easy to operate.,

3. High output and save energy.

4. Exact density of foam beads

5. Stable quality and less failure.


1. This machine applies PLC and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic and continuous production.

2. Electronic weighing system and material level control system ensure the density of the foamed beads, which make the beads uniform and keep the density tolerance within 2%.

3. Japan original pressure reducing valve controls the steam pressure of the chamber, which ensures the outcome pressure of the valve constant and the inner temperature stable, which keeps the foamed material equal and prevents the beads agglomerate because of the bad temperature control.

4. Automatic material charging system improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

5. The closed constant pressure foaming barrel has high heating efficiency. It can save more than 50% energy compared to the continuous pre-expander.

6. Automatic discharging from the pre-expander, which can automatically filter and crush the ball material and transport the foamed material to silos.

7. Most of the main components are world-famous brand, with reliable performance, stable quality, long service life and low maintenance cost.


*Korean vibration sensor is optional

*Proportional valves of steam and compressed air are optional

China EPS Pre-expander Machine

The Auto Batch EPS Pre-expander Machine of Longwell EPS Mold is made of stainless steel with good shape and long life. Light weight and expandable, reasonable structure, easy to fix and adjust, it is a perfect combination to reduce transportation and labor costs.



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