Automatic foam molding machine

Automatic foam molding machine

Automatic foam molding machine

Vacuum type automatic forming machine

This automatic forming machine not only has a beautiful mechanical structure, but also has further improved the installation of equipment and the accuracy of electrical control; it adopts a precise heating system, a high-efficiency vacuum generator, and an optimized water-cooling system, which makes the forming time fast and the forming cycle short. Min≦30s/cycle.
Has the following characteristics:

1. Simple mechanical structure: (provides synchronicity without lubricating oil)

a. In the frame structure, the double guide column and the rack and pinion synchronous structure are adopted.

b. The guide sleeve adopts oil-free graphite copper sleeve, which can move freely in the oil-free state.

2. Easy to operate: (with its own feet, easy to install)

a. It adopts an open mechanical structure, which is very convenient for maintenance and mold replacement and installation;

b. The whole machine adopts an independent floor machine foot. Customers do not need to configure the installation foundation, and can be directly placed on the reinforced concrete floor for use.

3. Numerical control: (numerical)

The electric balance valve control method is adopted to make the pressure control more accurate. All pressure adjustments can be set on the touch screen, making operation digital.

Remarks: The equipment comes with a core mold steam chamber. Customers can use the steam chamber to reduce the cost of mold opening according to their own needs, and can choose by themselves.

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