EPP molding machine

EPP molding machine

1. Mechanical structure

  a. It is welded by 20/25mmQ235 steel plate, which greatly improves the rigidity of the equipment;

  b. The frame is CNC machined with sandblasting and annealing processing technology to enhance the strength of the frame and not deform;

  c. The surface treatment adopts epoxy zinc-rich primer twice and three-dimensional hammer pattern topcoat twice to enhance the corrosion resistance of the equipment;

  d. It can be equipped with heightened legs according to customer needs, which is easy to install;

2. Feeding system

  a. The equipment is equipped with double barrels, which can meet the use of materials of different colors, and is equipped with 40 discharge ports;

  b. The material level adopts the automatic material level control of the anti-rotation, and there are time and material level control options;

  c. The feeding is controlled by proportional valve, and the feeding time is short;

3. Steam system

  a. Full proportional valve control, precise and stable heating pressure control;

  b. Equipped with a steam recovery system, the waste steam can be recycled for drying room or vacuum, saving energy consumption by 30%;

4. Hydraulic system

  a. The hydraulic system adopts dual oil circuit control for mold opening and mold clamping, which shortens the travel time of mold opening and closing;

  b. The clamping adopts pressure control to reduce unnecessary waste of clamping time;

5. Control system

  a. Adopt PLC and touch screen control;

  b. All electrical components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad;

  c. Steam, feeding and demolding are all controlled by pressure sensors, easy to adjust and accurate pressure

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