Qufu Yuzhe Machinery specializes in producing granules of recycled materials such as waste foam (EPS), pearl cotton (EPE), extruded board, foam hot frit, and foam cold briquette. The main products are waste foam granulator, foam granulator, foam block machine, foam hot melt block granulator, foam powder granulator, foam crusher, foam pelletizer, foam suction machine, etc. Our business philosophy is “use our careful, careful, intentional, in exchange for your satisfaction”.

The 400 type waste foam briquetting eps machine is equipped with a hard tooth surface reducer, with a power of 22 kilowatts and an output of 400-500 catties per hour.
This is a foam compactor developed by combining the characteristics of low foam density and difficult transportation. This machine uses a screw extrusion structure to squeeze out the air in the foam, reducing the volume by more than 40 times. The foam is difficult to transport. question.

And due to the high density of the compacted foam, the yield of waste foam recycling and granulation is greatly improved.

This foam compressor not only has fine workmanship and solid materials, but also has low noise and simplicity, and has a service life of up to 10 years. It is a good helper for you to get rich.
 Vehicle-mounted foam cold press, equipped with 350 type reducer and 18 horsepower diesel engine, can produce 200-300 catties per hour, and the volume can be reduced by more than 40 times. It is a fluid briquetting equipment for EPS foam compression.

 The principle is to use the engine power to drive the screw compression mechanism to compress the foam into blocks, thereby reducing the volume of the foam and facilitating transportation.
This equipment is easy to operate, and can be transported to any place like waste recycling stations, logistics companies, individual granulators, foam production plants, etc., saving storage space, saving transportation costs and storage costs, and making you rich good helper

Integrity reminder: down payment in advance, you can express logistics, and the rest will be paid after the goods arrive!
Within a year of non-human factors, the company will send accessories for free.

Those interested in demand are welcome to contact me at any time: ( 24-hour customer service) Solemn reminder: The price of this machine does not include motor and freight.

Yuzhe promises: ***, service first, tracking service, no matter where you are or how much you use, you only need a phone call, and we will handle the rest, ensuring that you can get the best products without running around. ,***s price.

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