Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer Zibo Youli mechanical and electrical equipment supply

Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer Zibo Youli mechanical and electrical equipment supply

A brief introduction to foam line machinery and equipment There are many equipments that we need to use when we carry out a series of production. For example, everyone should know that foam lines are mainly used in decoration projects. When this type of processing equipment is used, it can not only decorate the room In addition to being very beautiful, more importantly, it has laid the foundation for the development of the decoration industry. So, how much do you know about foam line machinery and equipment? There must be many people who do not know very well, but are very interested, then let the top foam line machinery and equipment manufacturers introduce the following to us. Foam line is an excellent decorative material, which is continuously processed on the basis of EPS line, and has played an important role in production activities. Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, it is very difficult to install cement components, the construction period is long, cracks will appear after a long time, and the durability is poor, and the foam lines are used, which is convenient for decoration, economical, and durable. Advantage. Foam line is a chemical material, which is refined through continuous layer-by-layer processing. The foam line is fireproof and does not emit substances, and is an environmentally friendly and good decorative building material product. The foam line is cut by computer numerical control. Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer has fast production and many varieties and models, such as lines, Roman columns, window covers, bucket arches, etc. Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer can be installed on the four sides of the window. , door edge, cornice corner and wall body. Zibo Youli Electromechanical adheres to scientific management norms and quality service standards. Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer

Introduction to the operation points of EPS line CNC cutting machine: the use of various decorative materials and EPS lines is very frequent and common, because their plasticity is still relatively strong, so the use of related EPS line cutting machines is also indispensable. Among them, what are the characteristics of the operation of the EPS line CNC cutting machine? In order to make our cutting machine work stably and work safely, we need to understand the relevant operation precautions. The EPS cutting machine operation points of Woori Plastic Machinery will be shared with you. , I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s production and processing. 1. Electric heating wire should be used when eps cutting, which is an energy-saving, economical and simple consumable. If we do not choose electric heating wire when we use EPS line CNC cutting machine for processing, the power consumption is still relatively large. In addition, the current can be adjusted until the heating wire is slightly red, which is also an aspect of energy saving. 2. The heating wire of the cutting machine should be well positioned and fixed. If there is dirt on the surface, the EPS line production equipment should be cleaned up in time before use, so as not to affect the heat dissipation and cause the processing surface to be uneven or shorten the service life of the heating wire. 3. When using the EPS line CNC cutting machine with heating wire, it should avoid the infiltration of pollutants and moisture to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage. If there is a leakage of electricity, it will have a great impact on our life safety. “Quality first, customer first, development based on quality, and win-win with customers” is the new business concept of Zibo Youli Machinery.

Foam plastic products and other materials can also be used to make arts and crafts, or used for animal taxidermy, stage sets, movie props, publicity materials, product introductions, gallery exhibitions, clipping Gongyimei cement, architectural models and other production materials. Castings disappear quickly. Because the EPS foam products produced by EPS foam board production equipment are composed of hydrocarbons, they can destroy the residual carbon powder by themselves under the blazing high temperature, and have a certain mechanical strength, easy to cut, and can be used in Machined on the machine, easy to glue. Therefore, lost foam will be used in casting mechanical parts to replace wooden molds, which are easy to cut, and can be processed on machine tools and easy to bond. Therefore, lost foam has been used in casting mechanical parts to replace wooden molds, and it can also be used for permanent casting. EPS foam board production equipment is a kind of high-quality filter material that is foamed into small particles, which are used in small and medium-sized water supply equipment and the water supply system of Xianhe ships. It can be mixed with clay, cement, refractory, etc. to make lightweight wall insulation bricks.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of EPS lines. 1. EPS lines are light in quality, and are fireproof, waterproof, moth-proof and crack-proof. The construction is convenient and simple, and it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor decorative materials. It is a green high-quality decorative material. 2. EPS lines include carvings, corner lines, waist lines, skirting lines, elephant trunks, decorative flower pieces, wall tables, lamp panels, ceilings, Roman columns, various sculptures, mirror frames, lamp holders, door trims and other products, and Can accept samples to order. 3. EPS lines and other decorative products, can be nailed, sawn, planed, washable, can be bent, not cracked, stained, not moth-eaten, and can be used indoors and outdoors. 4. Easy to install, clear and natural pattern effect, elegant and luxurious. 5. Cost-effective, low construction cost and simple decoration. The surface coating has been completed, which can be sawed, nailed, and glued, saving 80% of the construction cost compared with cement and gypsum products. The above are the advantages of EPS lines, I hope to help you understand the knowledge of EPS lines. EPS line mechanical equipment is a kind of equipment for the production of EPS lines. There are many advantages of EPS line mechanical equipment, so you need to wear protective tools when using it. Readers who have purchased EPS line machinery can take a look at our home. Woori Plastic Machinery vigorously promotes the progressive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Four steps in place. A, CAD drawing and drawing points, B to save the file, C to import the file into the control software to adjust the parameters, D to debug and cut. Through the division of labor and cooperation of these parts. Precautions for using EPS foam cutting machines Nowadays, the home improvement industry is very popular. With the rapid development of the home improvement industry, the equipment in the home improvement industry is also constantly being developed and updated. EPS foam cutting machine is such a cutting equipment commonly used in the home improvement industry. Its role in the building decoration industry is very huge. Speaking of EPS European-style component cutting machine, I believe that many friends are unfamiliar, but in fact, many architectural decorations you have seen are the results of it. Since its role is so great, we should pay more attention to how to use it correctly in order to use it. role played. In the process of use, in addition to paying attention to maintenance, it is necessary to understand some precautions when using: 1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline of the machine, and never start the machine if there is air leakage. 2. Pay attention to the command and coordination of technicians during maintenance. 3. Close all air valves before shutting down, and release the remaining gas in the air circuit. 4. The working raw materials used by the cutting machine are flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gases. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the entire gas path is sealed well. 5. The operator should control the fire in time to avoid fire. 6. The air source department should stay away from open flames, and place normal carbon dioxide or other corresponding fire extinguishing devices around it. 7. In case of emergency during operation, press the red emergency stop switch immediately to prevent accidents. Woori Plastic Machinery meets the quality needs of customers in the whole process with the highest product quality and priority after-sales service. Ningxia EPS Intermittent Pre-engine Equipment Factory

Zibo Youli Electromechanical Enterprise Values: people-oriented, customer satisfaction, communication and cooperation, mutual benefit. Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer

Nowadays, the country vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, and the benzene board produced by benzene board equipment has many advantages, such as thermal insulation, complete recyclability, which complies with the requirements of green environmental protection and has become the main force in the field of building insulation. For the military, the country has changed from the original availability to mandatory use of thermal insulation materials for buildings. The market demand for benzene board has soared, and the original supply is far from meeting the market demand. The following Woori electromechanical professional staff will tell you how to use the benzene board equipment safely: First of all: Before using the benzene board equipment, check the benzene board equipment system, including: whether the ground wire is safe, make sure the material gets off the car ***Forward and reverse, at the same time check whether the fan works normally, and whether the limit positions at both ends work reliably. Second: If it is found that the terminal of the current control AC contactor in the distribution box is black, then the wire terminal needs to be changed to the next empty terminal. Once again: Since the benzene board equipment is a high-current working system, special attention should be paid to the fact that foam particles and cutting fragments enter the sliding group line and cause fire. Then: when working for a long time, the temperature of the transformer should be measured frequently. When the temperature reaches about 60 ℃, it should be shut down in time and continue to work after the temperature of the transformer drops. It is better to dry the benzene board before processing. It can be naturally dried or dried, and then can be cut. Otherwise, the consumption will be large, the efficiency will be low, the wire will be easily broken, the energy will be wasted and the product quality will be affected. From the above point of view, as long as the benzene board equipment is operated correctly and reasonably, high-quality benzene board can be produced, so as long as the construction and management are strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. Shandong EPS sheet forming machine equipment manufacturer

Zibo Youli Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has excellent office facilities and superior office environment, creating a good office environment for employees. Woori Plastic Machine, Woori Mechanical and Electrical is the main brand of Zibo Youli Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. It is the main business of the highest salary: EPS continuous cutting line, EPS sheet baler, EPS intermittent pre-feeding machine, EPS sheet forming machine, EPS automatic material Warehouse control system, EPS sheet conveying and drying system, EPS sound insulation board cutting machine, EPS decorative line equipment, EPP secondary foaming machine, EPS recycling system. The company has its own independent technical system. The company adheres to customer-centricity and main wages: EPS continuous cutting line, EPS sheet baler, EPS intermittent pre-feeding machine, EPS sheet forming machine, EPS automatic silo control system, EPS sheet conveying and drying system, EPS sound insulation board cutting machine, EPS decorative line equipment, EPP secondary foaming machine, EPS recycling system. Market-oriented, reputable reputation, quality assurance, think what customers want, worry about what users want, and go all out to meet all the needs of customers. Since the establishment of the company, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of “survive by quality, develop by credit”, and always adhere to the needs and satisfaction of customers, providing customers with good EPS continuous cutting lines, EPS foaming machines, EPS board machine, EPS benzene board equipment, so that the company continues to grow and develop.

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